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Vision11 Referral Code: Unlock Exclusive Benefits and Bonuses

Vision11 emerges as a new contestant in the crowded arena of fantasy sports. Managed by Vision11 Private Limited, this platform engages the fervor of Indian sports enthusiasts, enabling them to apply their understanding of various games to build virtual teams. These teams are comprised of actual players from forthcoming matches, and users garner points according to the players’ real-time performances, competing with fellow participants. With sports icons such as Kieron Pollard and Manish Pandey among its brand ambassadors, the platform gains credibility and charm.

Unique to Vision11 is its starting incentive; newcomers are greeted with a sign-up bonus when they join via the official website or by downloading the app from the Google Play Store or an APK from the app store. Entering the referral code ‘VINE88 ‘ awards users with this bonus, which they can then use to partake in paid leagues. With a comparably smaller user base, players may find their skill and knowledge yield better odds of success here. Vision11’s repertoire spans cricket, football, basketball, and other sports, catering to a diverse array of interests and proficiencies.

Key Attributes of Vision11

  • Cash Prizes Daily: Engage in fantasy cricket and secure winnings every day.
  • Swift Payouts: Experience fast withdrawal processing on earnings.
  • Security: The Vision11 app provides a reliable and safe fantasy gaming platform.
  • Bonuses: New users receive a ₹500 welcome bonus; additionally, earn ₹100 per referral.
  • Promo Code: Use code VINE88 for the signup reward.

Receive a ₹100 Cash Bonus by Joining Vision11

To begin enjoying Vision11:

  • Install the app: Obtain the Vision11 fantasy app and install it on your device.
  • Open and register: Launch the app and proceed to the registration page. Input your full name, contact number, email address, date of birth, and create a password.
  • Enter referral code: Input the referral code VINE88 in the designated field to claim your ₹100 bonus for new members.
  • Account verification: Confirm your phone number and email via OTP to authenticate your details.

By following these steps, your Vision11 account will be set up, and you’ll be equipped to create your team and participate in earning real money through the fantasy platform.

Engaging in Fantasy Sports on Vision11

Starting a game on Vision11 involves selecting an imminent match and crafting a team with precisely 11 players, ensuring the selection does not exceed 7 individuals from a single team. Here are the steps:

  1. Launch the application and pinpoint a forthcoming match.
  2. Tap on ‘Create team’ and assemble your 11 players within the provided credit limit.
  3. Opt for team players within these ranges:
    • 1-4 Wicket Keepers (WK)
    • 3-6 Batsmen
    • 1-4 All-Rounders
    • 3-6 Bowlers
  4. Assign your team’s captain and vice-captain, with the captain scoring double points and the vice-captain earning 1.5 times their score.

With these players, join any contest of your choice. Contests might require an entry fee, but there are also free entry options. Sports enthusiasts can revel in a variety of sports beyond cricket, including football, kabaddi, basketball, and baseball, each offering the chance for cash prizes. The experience is akin to participating in other fantasy sports apps, yet with its unique elements.

Guidelines for Engaging in 5-Player Fantasy on the Vision11 App

To participate in the 5-Player Fantasy mode within the Vision11 app, adhering to the following steps is crucial:

  • Initiate by launching the Vision11 app and navigating to an imminent match.
  • Make a choice between Batting Fantasy or Bowling Fantasy, based on your preference.
  • For a Batting Fantasy, curate a team comprising purely of batter, whereas for a Bowling Fantasy, select solely bowlers. Your points will accrue from the chosen fantasy aspect.
  • From the available players, assemble your five-player team, ensuring no more than three individuals hail from the same team.
  • Assign the roles of Captain and Vice-captain to your players; their performance will fetch additional points.
  • Enter into the paid leagues as per usual and foresee the match outcome.
  • Your team’s victory hinges on outscoring your adversaries in terms of points.

The operational mechanics involve choosing players—be they batsmen, bowlers, or all-rounders—but points are awarded exclusively for the particular fantasy type selected, batting or bowling performances. Winning is contingent on the aggregation of more points than other contenders within the specific league you joined.

Vision11’s Invitation Incentive Scheme

  • Referral Bonus: Members receive a Rs 500 cash bonus for each new user joining with their referral code.
  • Commission Structure: A continuous 20% commission is earned from the fees of leagues that the referred contacts join.
  • Program Accessibility: Access the scheme via the Vision11 application by navigating to More > Refer & Earn.
  • Promotion Steps: Users can copy and distribute their unique Vision11 referral code to potential new users.
  • Unlimited Potential: There’s no cap on referrals, enabling limitless earning potential for users.

Funding Your Vision 11 Fantasy Wallet

To infuse funds into your Vision 11 app:

  • Navigate to Account at the screen’s base.
  • Tap Add Cash.
  • Enter the desired sum and select Add.
  • Choose a payment method to finalize, such as Paytm Wallet.

Withdrawing Funds from Vision11 Fantasy

To initiate a withdrawal, users must first ensure their Vision11 Fantasy account is verified. The process involves:

  • Completing KYC verification by uploading a PAN card photograph, which is essential for account validation.
  • Proceeding to the “Account” section within the Vision11 app, selecting the “Withdraw” option, and specifying the desired withdrawal amount.
  • Providing accurate bank account details to facilitate the transaction.
  • Submissions are processed within 48 working hours, after which the winning balance is transferred.

Note that the minimum withdrawal limit must be met. Instant withdrawals may be available, and verification is a one-time process that enables future withdrawals to be smoother. Paytm withdrawal functionality is also provided for user convenience.

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